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IoTize Application Development Kit is a framework for building remote device controlling apps (commands,variables monitoring, data persistency in the cloud). It provides tools, services and benefits such as:

  • App Prototyping

    Quickly prototype and test your apps. You can use 'IoTize Studio' to visually build remote monitoring apps in minutes. Simply drag and drop variables you want to monitor to create a monitoring dashboard.

  • App Preview

    Preview your app live on your mobile. With 'IoTize Tap Manager', you can rapidly preview your app without publishing anything on the app stores.

  • Custom development

    Use IoTize Libraries to build your custom apps. These Libraries handle the low level communication protocols such as NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Socket, LoRa and Wi-Fi. They also give you access to common functionalities such as variables monitoring, authentication and encrypted communication.

  • Multi-platform support

    Whether your are on iOS, Android, Windows or Linux, there is a solution for you.

To learn more about IoTize Tap's software architecture and mobile apps development please refer to Building a Mobile App