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General Architecture

IoTize Development Kit Libraries are separated into multiple layers.


  • Protocol API :This layer controls receiving/transceiving raw data from/to Tap devices.

  • Client API: This layer builds and parses LwM2M commands and responses.

  • Tap API (Core feature): This API provides features specific to IoTize Tap :

    • Easy access to exposed Tap services with a user friendly API through named functions. Data encoding and decoding is managed for you.
    • Read/Modify target application variables.
    • Target application variables monitoring.
    • Encrypted communications.
    • User authentication.
  • Extensions: You can easily build more advanced features based on the Tap's API. Separate libraries provide extra features:

    • Relay library: Creates a relay (gateway) between two communication protocols.

For example, you can create a relay that transforms incoming socket commands into Bluetooth Low Energy commands.

  - **Configuration library**: Configures your IoTize device using configuration scripts.